Happy Sunday readers! Today for #cozyuptomystery I’m featuring this fun cozy debut. A Half-Baked Murder is a super fun mystery with twists and turns that kept me guessing! Chloe is back in her hometown after breaking up with her fiancé in Paris. She’s living with her grandmother and readjusting her dreams for her life. When her aunt suggests that they open a cannabis cafe together, Chloe is a bit hesitant at first. She does finally jump head first into the idea after seeing how much her cannabis baking was helping her ailing grandmother’s pain. But when an old high school nemesis is found dead and her aunt is the prime suspect, Chloe must find out what happened before her new dream crashes and burns. More here: https://app.thestorygraph.com/books/4f5fb51d-0cd4-40eb-b1b9-3eaf9afd231d

Posted by jennie.reads at 2023-04-09 19:04:27 UTC