"Back in the old tights-and-doublets days of the Swift family, every child had been named Mary or John. It got terribly confusing at dinnertime when someone asked a John to pass the potatoes and ten hands shot out at once, and so Mary Swift XXXV had begun the tradition of naming her children using the Family Dictionary. The idea stuck, and the Swifts prospered. People often overlook a Mary or a John, but they seldom forget a person named Meretricious or Flinch." -- The Swifts by Beth Lincoln I got blindsided by a pretty sensitive trigger of mine in the last book I read (it's my own fault for not checking the trigger list on Storygraph), so I needed something lighthearted. I'm very much still at the beginning, but so far, The Swifts is just a delight.

Posted by thewintersings at 2023-04-07 23:19:52 UTC