✨Drumroll for Amanda, Erin and Lydia, please! ✨ Our New Releases team has been hard at work with Maggie and me. I know we have been struggling to find a home for our weekly New Releases, which take up a lot of bandwidth (literally) and have been difficult to access. So I posed a question to the team..."What if we could make a continuously updated monthly sheet...that you can edit in real time...and host said sheet on The Nest?" And because it's our team of amazing folks, especially you, @Amanda (you're the BEST!), we made it happen. In the navigation bar on mobile and in the left hand side navigation on the web app, you'll find a New Book Releases tab. Our New Releases sheet is now embedded there for you to peruse anytime. With book covers, links to purchase and publication dates, we've got you covered for ANY new release you're looking for! The best part? It will be updated in real time, all the time, so you always know when you're next favorite book will be coming out!

Posted by Jordan at 2023-04-06 17:25:53 UTC