Hi Everyone! Apologies for leaving you hanging for a bit after Jordan so kindly put this group together for us! We (OwlCrate, the Nest, the whole thing together) are looking at how we can create a more diverse place of bookish joy through blogs and more. For 8 years, it's just been our team writing from our perspectives -and for us, it's time to give you all some space to shine and be showcased as well. I'm not 100% sure what that is going to look like yet- but I thought it might be fun for us to figure that out a bit together. Here are some ideas we can start with: 1. An Open regular Pitch day - This would be a place for you to submit concepts for a blog or blog series for us to feature, publish etc. 2. If you have another site/space etc that you are writing for/on and are interested in collaborating on - You'd be free to pitch that. 3. The Reverse Pitch - We'd also put out a list of subjects/books/concepts our team has in mind, and would accept requests from you all to pick that topic and run with it. A few thoughts on logistics: a) Regular bloggers could receive a subscription or be paid for the blog - equivalent value for both. b) We're not looking for ghost writers - you/your personal brand would be properly credited as the author/contributor c) This whole project could go in many places as we develop it, and I think we'll work together to sort out those details along the way through good communication and exploration. Open to thoughts and discussion!

Posted by Syl - OC GM at 2023-04-06 04:55:48 UTC