📖Hello nest and happy Six of crows readalong! I would like to share with how I've discovered this amazing duology! I read it for the first time  relatively recently, I actually decided to pick it up kind of on a whim. I watched Shadow and bone TV series in quarantine because many people talked about it on booktube and I wanted to know what the hype is about. I really enjoyed it, but I have to admit that I kind of forget about it afterwards. Two years later I decided to read Shadow and bone trilogy, but to be honest I did not really love it. I definetly was not bad, but the characters seemed a bit flat to me and the pacing kind of slow. I had my eyes on Six of crows duology for a while, but I was hesitating after being let down a bit with Shadow and bone and also because SOC seemed like a book with many characters and very complicated plot which is not really my thing, I also thought that heist is something that I enjoy more watching in movies and TV shows than reading about. But then I heard people comparing it to Ocean's eleven which is one of my favorite movies and I also remember how much I liked the characters in the show and I decided to pick it up and I am so, so glad I did 🙂. I will be posting my throughts about the duology at the end of the readalong, so stay tuned 😉. How have you discoved Six of crows? No mourners, no funerals📖

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-04-05 21:12:39 UTC