Hello bookworms 👋! This is just a random thought, but I was thinking how cool it would be to turn YA books into some sort of theater play. Like rewrite the books into a screenplay form, design the scene and costumes, choose music… I really like movies and TV series, but what I love about theater is that everything is live, right in front of you. And I think that with books adapted to plays, the story would truly come to life. It would also be a great way to introduce theater to a younger audience. Sometimes I do not even know why I think about these things when I am really shy and very clumsy, but I guess a girl can dream…. Which YA book would you like to see as a play? I would love to The infernal devices and Six of crows 🙂.

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-04-02 19:45:39 UTC