THORN by Tina.R.Abbott is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon (paperback and ebook) DESCRIPTION: Viewed only as a burden and despised by her grandmother, Violet Hall is hidden from the world. She is deemed a curiosity and an outcast; trapped by a woman who should have loved and protected her. When her grandmother leaves for London, Violet remains at their home, but the old woman's days away give Violet the freedom she longs for. Upon discovering an abandoned cabin in the forest, Violet discovers a new life and a way to escape the clutches of her wicked grandmother but, when the old woman returns she has other plans for Violet. Violet must find her way back to the cabin and back to the life that she should have had. A story of strength, love, friendship and courage set in the 19th Century. Romance, Light Fantasy and a little gothic. #NEWRELEASE #paperback #physicalcopy #physicalbook #ereader #kindle #ebooks #amazon #THORN #readertok #readers #bookworm #booktok #bookish #books #scoliosis #kyphosis

Posted by The_Caffeinated_Author at 2023-03-31 13:32:13 UTC