I went on a book buying ban so I kind of fell off the bookish map for a while, but my pre-ordered Waterstones Luminaries arrived today and by absolute fluke I noticed something in it! My Illumicrate edition is still wrapped so I don't know if that one has these.. actually, my OC is still wrapped too, haha.. but these are not in the standard US edition nor the B&N edition! .... There's a handful of em through the book and I have never been so glad I (mood reader problems) didn't get far in this one before switching over to For the Wolf, cause I cannot wait to read these with the story now! 😍 Also had to hit the book buying ban loophole tonight (Special Editions) when I spotted this edition of Stolen Heir at my local Walmart! I knew I'd regret it if it didn't come home with me! And I laughed cause the only other book I ordered in March that wasn't pre-ordered before .. is the FL Stolen Heir 🤣 at least I'm consistent?

Posted by little.book.dragon at 2023-03-31 04:56:04 UTC