Not book related in the least, but I am just so excited I need to tell everyone I can because it feels like a miracle just happened. I’ve been planning a trip to Wrestlemania this year with my brother and sister in law and bought a couple new shirts for the trip. I’m gonna copy and paste a post I just made on my personal Facebook about what just happened (though I know this seems like such a small thing to be happy about): “Well, this has been a ride. Like I posted about a while back, I ordered two new shirts for Wrestlemania: one that said Wrestlemania 39 and one for Becky Lynch. The Wrestlemania 39 one showed up. The Becky Lynch one was marked as delivered, but I never received it. I wasn’t able to submit a claim for it with UPS for some reason, and when I reached out to WWE they said they couldn’t send me a replacement because it was sold out, but they could refund the shirt and they told me if it ever showed up I could keep it. I was fine with that. I didn’t expect a new shirt to show up in time anyway. Fast forward to today, I pack for the trip and go to meet Bryan and Adrienne in American Canyon so I can go home with them and stay the night. While I’m there, I get a code to pick up a package. Now, I assumed this was going to be a new book subscription box I’m trying. There’s a UK based one called Illumicrate that recently opened a U.S. distribution center and I got off the wait list in time to get their March box and recently got my shipping confirmation. So I initially just send the code to Marena and Spencer and ask them to pick it up for me whenever they go get the mail. However, I was honestly surprised that the Illumicrate would have arrived so quickly, because it had only been a couple days at most and usually only OwlCrate is that fast when it comes to book boxes. Now, when the pick up codes for the parcel lockers are sent, they send both a text and an email. And sometimes, if the delivery person remembered to get one, there’s a photo of the package included. So I decided to go to my email and check the picture. And I do not see a book box. I see one of those gray plastic bags that you get clothing delivered in. And when I zoom in on the sender, it’s from Fanatics. Which is where my WWE shirts were sent from. So, in complete shock, I sit up and tell Bryan that I think my Becky Lynch shirt finally delivered. He says we can swing by the apartments on the way to Citrus Heights. Great. I forgot my water bottle anyway. So we do that. Bryan and Adrienne visit with Marena and Spencer and meet Ranch while I run to the mail room. I get back, open the package and yep. There’s my Becky Lynch shirt. LITERALLY THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE. 😭”

Posted by isewandireadthings at 2023-03-30 02:03:45 UTC