**We are so excited to share a first look at our INTO THE GRISHAVERSE special edition box, curated in collaboration with author Leigh Bardugo! This will be an OwlCrate exclusive limited edition box featuring a completely redesigned collector's set of the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, accompanied by high quality items specially curated for lovers of the Grishaverse universe! The unique goodies included will feature in-universe designs and details that will transport you into the Grishaverse and make you want to return to Ravka again and again! The box will include a complete set of all 3 books in the trilogy: SHADOW AND BONE, SIEGE AND STORM, and RUIN AND RISING! What can you expect with these incredible special edition books? ✨ Completely redesigned covers ✨ Reversible dust jacket illustrations ✨ Stencilled edges ✨ Intricate foil designs on the front & back of the hardcovers ✨ Foil patterned end pages ✨ Multiple pieces of artwork bound into each book ✨ Book 1 will be signed by Leigh Bardugo! All of the artwork and items have been collaborated on with Leigh Bardugo – she has provided such wonderful insight into every piece of this box! More sale info details, artist reveals and item sneak peeks to come soon – we just wanted to give you the heads up right away that we are hard at work on this exciting project! We expect that this box will go on sale towards the end of April/early May and ship in the fall. We will be sure to give lots of prior notice so you can save up your kruge 😉 We hope you're as excited as we are to celebrate this wonderful series and universe Leigh has created!** **Psst....Vol 2: Six of Crows Duology is also being planned for Spring 2024!**

Posted by Jordan at 2023-03-29 19:36:49 UTC