My husband is renovating our living room, and one of the shorter walls is becoming a built in bookcase... and in the mean time, all of my books are on the floor (yes, still, if you've been with me from the start, lol- but we have made a lot of progress!). Anyway, I just came on here to say that I have now purchased 2 books that I already have in my book stacks and I need to force myself to wait until they're in alphabetical order on the walls, so I don't do that again 😂🙈 One was even an owlcrate special edition book that I bragged about on my Instagram, but must have forgotten and ordered another 😂😂😂👌 I should have learned the first time, but no, I did not. 🙃

Posted by Deleted (91f121ed) at 2023-03-28 22:25:01 UTC