At my desk 15 minutes early and starting my next read. TikTok got these BookTok Bracket filters and I’ve been using the YA and Fantasy ones. If I end up with a match up where I haven’t read one or both books, I have to stop and read any unread books before I can pick a winner. And then I try again to get through to the end. For Attempt 1 at the YA Bracket I got We Were Liars and The Gilded Ones, both books that I haven’t read yet. Starting with We Were Liars since it’s a library book. (And then I also have The Fifth Season from the library to read for the Fantasy Bracket. I’m on Attempt 2 with that one and got The Fifth Season vs The Fellowship of the Ring.)

Posted by isewandireadthings at 2023-03-28 14:50:05 UTC