Hi everyone! I really need to start making a point to use this app more, so I’m looking for some advice/thoughts. If you’re on TikTok you probably know about the ban that’s being discussed. Like others, I’ve been looking into alternatives. Most likely I’m gonna end up on Tumblr again, because I’m petty and don’t personally want to start using Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts due to them apparently lobbying for the ban. I’ve created a Clapper account to check it out, but I’m not sure I like it. I might give it more of a shot if the ban actually happens, but right now it’s pretty much just a storage spot so I don’t lose videos I care about if I suddenly lose access to TikTok. All of that said: Has anyone tried/is it even possible to post videos here? And if so, would videos about things like TBR lists, monthly wrap ups, unboxings, etc. be a good idea here? Or would they potentially get annoying? And if posting videos IS possible, are there any limitations to be aware of? Or would it just be better to keep all that content to photos and text posts?

Posted by isewandireadthings at 2023-03-26 01:23:24 UTC