“Best book of the month” ____________________ So it’s the last day of the Words and Whimsy reading challenge for March and to complete the last prompt for the photo challenge, I’ll share the best book I’ve read this month. It is the only book I’ve given a 5⭐️ rating as of now. I’ll still read some more books so who knows; maybe it’ll change haha. But right now, the best book I’ve read is Royal Blood by Aimée Carter! It is a fun read about an illegitimate child to the British King! Think The Princess Diaries but sarcastic😂 I loved reading this book and can’t wait for the sequel!! #thenest #owlcrate #wordsandwhimsy #photochallenge #royalblood #aimeecarter

Posted by lisa.spanu at 2023-03-25 16:46:18 UTC