|POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD BUT NOT REALLY???| So… This might be a Hot Take but; i dont think that i liked The Atlas Six as much as other people seem to. Like, okay. The plot? Great. Love it. 4/5 stars, would absolutely read again. The characters?? God they drove me insane. I only really like Nico at this point (Libby is growing on me a little bit? But shes still not great). They all just seem like… completely one dimensional. Theres no depth to them, even though i know and can see that an effort was made to humanize them, it just didn’t work for me. They’re all facets of a human being, which may end up being the point, right? They were all made to balance each other out. But Nico seems to be the only one with any actual dimension to him and his character right from the start, and hes the most understandable and relatable character that ive come across so far, but even some of the choices he made were frustrating for me to read (and not in an ‘oh its for the growth of himself and the plot so its fine’ sort of way. More of a ‘how is that helping anything at all why did you do that, honestly’ sort of way). I almost didn’t finish the book because i just couldn’t get past the characters. That being said, the plot was good enough for me to keep going, and i am absolutely psyched to start reading the next book, i just hope theres actual growth this time instead of one step forward and two steps back for character development 🤞

Posted by Candle_Lit_Library at 2023-03-24 13:38:53 UTC