Hey awesome folks of the Nest - I wanted to talk to you a bit about Trans Rights Readathon week! #TransRightsReadathon ................... Hey everybody - all the awesome owls in the Nest, it's Jordan here and my pronouns are she/they. This week it's Trans Rights Readathon week, which runs march 20-27th and it's an amazing chance for everyone to read and discover books by trans/enby/genderqueer authors. Many members of Team OwlCrate and The Nest are a part of this community, and this week we are encouraging members to read, and share as many stories by trans/enby and genderqueer authors as they can. Whether it's tackling an important non-fiction or you go on a cozy trans fantasy journey, we're happy to recommend some titles for you and that you discover some amazing books. However if you are someone who is not able to take part in this at this time, please know that your safety is paramount and I we just want to assure you that OwlCrate and The Nest is a safe space for you, and it always will be. And this week I hope you read trans books, but we also hope you choose to read trans books throughout the year because trans books are incredible and deserve to be read all the time! If you have any recs, questions or want to talk about how you're feeling please pop those in the comments - I'm happy to chat and I'll be checking in on this post :)

Posted by Jordan at 2023-03-23 16:15:56 UTC