Legends & Lattes is the start of a new genre that I can't wait to see more of, cozy fantasy with low stakes. Legends & Lattes is a wholesome and cozy fantasy read. The writing style was excellent and engaging. I felt I could smell and taste the coffee and baked good. My attention was held from start to finish; I didn't want to put Legends & Lattes down. With Legends & Lattes being a low stakes fantasy, I was worried there would be lulls in the story, and there were none. I liked the characters, and I was pleasantly surprised as to whom a few turned out to be. I felt there were several characters that were relatable and had endearing qualities. I actually enjoyed the romance in Legends & Lattes. There is just something about this story that is immensely likable and endearing, a breath of fresh air, and a je ne sais quoi unlike most things I read before. Overall, Legends & Lattes was very well written and a new favorite. I can see myself reading this cozy story as well as reading any installments. I will also be checking out more works from this author in the future. ----- What are all of your cozy reading recommendations?

Posted by Zoë at 2023-03-22 14:29:30 UTC