So, ive definitely slowed down my reading in the past couple of days (life is stressful lmao), and ive felt like im letting someone down because im not reading a book a day like i did at the beginning of the year. And i realized that i was holding myself to a standard that i had set. Literally No one else cares how fast i read or how many books i get through. I can enjoy books without having to push myself to read a certain amount each month or whatever. I know a lot of us struggle with that same thought process so this is your reminder to take a second and just breath and chill and remember that youre supposed to enjoy reading! Its okay to take breaks (even though it totally feels illegal lol) and do other things that you love! This has been a PSA for me and also anyone else who needs it today 🥰

Posted by Candle_Lit_Library at 2023-03-21 16:30:55 UTC