Pastel bookstack. ----- Fun fact: I can't stand wearing jeans. I haven't found a comfortable pair in over a decade. So I put on jeans soley for photos and then take them immediately off. ----- The books I have read in the bookstack are: Song of Silver Flame Like Night, Jo & Laurie, Flowerheart, Tokyo Ever After, Little Women, and A Thousand Heartbeats. I gave all of those books 5 stars. I'm currently reading Tokyo Dreaming. ----- Have you read any books in the book stack? ----- Books in the stack from top to bottom: A Thousand Heartbeats Mansfield Park The Afterward Little Women Tokyo Ever After Flowerheart Shop of Smoke and Steel Jo & Laurie Song of Silver Flame Like Night Tokyo Dreaming

Posted by Zoë at 2023-03-20 16:18:32 UTC