I'm heading to our local Comicon tomorrow through Sunday! Celebs to meet, Brent Spiner (Data) and Jonathan Frakes (Riker) from Star Trek Next Generation, Nicole Stott a NASA Astronaut who has spent time on the ISS and the Space Shuttle, Chris Claremont - Comics Author, currently with Marvel and working on the X-Men. Also author Lexi Ryan will be there! There are many others, but those are the ones I plan for sure. Maybe Richard Dreyfuss? I mean sure Jaws, whatever, but also Close Encounters, the movie that scared me to death about Aliens but also introduced me to Devils Tower! So, my question to you is, who would you like to meet at a con? Actors, creators, authors, anyone?

Posted by shaunesay at 2023-03-17 04:00:38 UTC