NO ONE CAN BE HAPPY IN ETERNAL SOLITUDE I feel The Folk of the Air Series fits this prompt wonderfully. ----- Excerpts from my reviews: The Cruel Prince: The severe cruelty and inexcusable abuse between the characters was too much for me, and I do understand the laying the foundation for the rest of the series. Jude is trying to navigate a world where she isn't wanted, and I feel she loses herself in the process, or maybe she is being remade into something new. The Wicked King: I really enjoyed going on a journey with the characters, even though I feel as though Jude drowns in her troubles. The political intrigue kept me on my toes, anxiously waiting in suspense to see who would do what, how, where, when, and why, and what the consequences of those actions would be. The Queen of Nothing: It is a perfect ending to this dark yet whimsy trilogy. Book three picked up right where book two ended. A majority of the characters grow and become more powerful and extraordinary. The epilogue left me satisfied. ----- Overall, I did enjoy reading The Folk of the Air Series. (Also, my main reviews for these books are not articulated well or well written. I feel they are almost cringey, and before I would read my reviews aloud before posting. We learn and grow. Maybe I'll do updated reviews in the future) ----- Have you read The Cruel Prince? If you read The Cruel Prince, how did you like it?

Posted by Zoë at 2023-03-16 05:10:03 UTC