So, I need a sequel and people to rant too. “Divine Rivals” by Rebecca Ross is a book that blends elements of WWI and fantasy together to create a stunning story. I loved Iris Winnow and Roman Kitt, and their story together just made my heart melt. The romance between them was allowed to slowly burn throughout the book and it just felt natural. The magic and WWI elements are melded very well together and it’s obvious that Ross did her research. There are some plot points of this book that I wanted to unfold a bit more gradually, but there was nothing that really hindered my reading experience and enjoyment of the book. I would happily recommend “Divine Rivals” to anyone who loves bantering rivals to lovers, magic typewriters, and a beautiful story that will both warm your heart and leave you waiting for the sequel.

Posted by sarah_fel at 2023-03-15 22:16:05 UTC