OwlCrate-A-Thon Birthday Book Bingo & Reading Challenge - HELP I'm trying to figure out which books work for the bingo and the reading challenge. I'd love help. I want to do the middle column for bingo: - Dark Academia: The Whispering Dark by Kelly Andrew. I'm also using this book as for the romance reading prompt. (Here's where I need help.) - Widely Popular Book: What's considered widely popular?? - BIPOC Fantasy: This Wicked Fate by Kalynn Bayron. There's also a BIPOC Fantasy reading prompt, so I might use it there or for the sequel prompt. - YA Science Fiction: The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna. I think this is my oldest OwlCrate TBR. I'm open to other suggestions. I'm also looking for other recommendations for a "book with a candle or cake". I saw the ones OwlCrate posted on IG, but I either read them or don't have them. Based on the IG recs also, it looks like the cover/title doesn't have to have a candle or cake, so a candle/cake can just show up within the story.

Posted by Heldine at 2023-03-15 21:49:45 UTC