Does anyone else ever get part of the way through a book and realize youve stumbled upon a wonderful mistake? Bc im not even a quarter of the way into If We Were Villains yet and im already in love with everyone and i know that this book is going to rip me apart and not even have the decency to put me back together again, and im going to let it. And im reading it at work, which is probably not the best place to Ugly Cry (which i know is most likely going to happen), and im just going to keep doing it. Mistakes were made today, but im dressed for the occasion ( we love a good puffy sleeve poet shirt) and so im here for it, even if i wake up dead tomorrow because of this book. I had a point, but ive lost it.

Posted by Candle_Lit_Library at 2023-03-09 16:23:37 UTC