“To Define is to Limit” ________________________________ Time for prompt #3 of the photo challenge! I had to think about something that defines the limit, and for me limiting ourselves to earth is just that. There is so much more than our own planet so looking for whatever else is out there is not defining the limit that is our Earth. So naturally I looked at books set on space that define the limits of Earth. The Illuminae Files by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is one of the series I own that is set in space and one I enjoy reading. Especially the epistolary styles the book have make them really quick reads! I still have to read Obsidio, which I hope to get to this year! Have you read the series? #owlcrate #wordsandwhimsy #photochallenge #thenest

Posted by lisa.spanu at 2023-03-08 18:26:25 UTC