I'd love to see more authors using accents, different jargon, slang, and dialects in their works. Many books I've read in the past few years haven't utilized that aspect in their novels. I'll use English as an example--my mother tongue-- but no region uses English in the same way. English dialogue in many books is written using a rigid, sterile, (however grammatically correct) structure. There's a lot more to explore with accents, and addressing accent discrimination or slang, where one can be considered illiterate or uneducated based on the slang or their sentence structure. I'd love to see conversations around that aspect of linguistics being started from any trends in writing for using accents. I know some classical works used accents, and some modern ones do, but I'd love to see more of it. While I didn't finish the Red Queen series, but I adored Aveyard describing the accents and pronunciation of words certain characters used.

Posted by MotherofHeleus at 2023-03-06 16:28:15 UTC