Day 6-8 I know I am a little ahead of the game with this one, but inspiration struck and I had to run with it. One of the hardest books I ever read as a teen was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Then I read Atlas Shrugged. Again, quite the book to tackle as a teen or early 20s. It stuck with me for years, just rolling around in the back of my head. When the movies came out I was so excited to see the book come to life. disappointed that the actors changed with every movie, but I digress.... Who is John Galt? The most memorable line of the book... The character of John Galt in this book is an inventor who embodies the virtues of an egoist, capitalist and individualist. In the society set up in the book people are offended that someone who be individual. So definitions are placed on what a person can and cannot do, what they are allowed to produce for the good of society, and how they are to use their talents for equal opportunity. No one is to do better. No one is to strive for excellence. Just be the status quo and tow the line. I have thought about a re-read of this book for a while... Now I have myself all riled up. Maybe it's actually time to re-read and see if my opinion or impression changes at all. #Words&Whimsy #octhenest #owlcrate

Posted by Paula Gunderson at 2023-03-03 21:49:47 UTC