"You know what it's like to be hated, Hearteater? To be seen as a monster? A savage?" It was true. Still, it hurt to hear the truth spoken. "You're feeling irritated, Hearteater. Do you deny what you are?" She was breathing heavily. She didn't even really know why. "No. Do you?" Grim shook his head. He took a step toward her. "Never. I am the monster." -Alex Aster, Lightlark ----- Lightlark is a wildly entertaining and atmospheric read, with twists upon twists, secrets, and betrayals, a setting of a dangerous game, interesting characters, and some mystery and romance. The world-building was atmospheric and creative. There were accompanying themes of mystery and romance. Lightlark was an entertaining read. It had a plot that kept me on my toes, with twists that just kept coming. It is truly a marvel when a plot surprises me. The twists were dramatic and unexpected, even though they should have been obvious. During the Centennial, a dangerous game played by dangerous people, which held the fate of nations, there were many secrets and betrayals among the characters. Truly, Lightlark is a story of which character is playing against another character better. All of the characters have their agenda, and even if you think you know their agenda, you don't. ----- Have you read Lightlark?

Posted by Zoë at 2023-03-03 20:53:58 UTC